WARDJet's XL Controller is the industry standard when it comes to controlling a waterjet cutting machine. Featuring WARDJet's innovative touchscreen HMI, the XL is up for any challenge!

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Spec Detail
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
CPU 3.2GHz Quad Core (AMD A Series)
Memory 4GB ram DDR3 1600MHz
Storage 120GB Solid State Drive
Connection Gigabit Ethernet Card
Wireless 802.11N Card
Monitor 15" touch-screen
USB 4 external USB 2.0 ports
Servo Cycle 0.4 ms
Hardware/Software Controls Feed Rate Override Knob, E-Stop, Water ON/OFF, Abrasive ON/OFF, Jog Controls, Go, Stop, Reverse, and Jump
Membrane Panels Up to 4
Standard number of true CNC axes 4
Max Number of Controlled Heads 3+
Also Included Wireless Mouse, Wireless Keyboard, 1 power cord, 1 network cable

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What can waterjets cut?
Wood, Stone, Composites, Sheet Metal, Foam, Food, Glass and much, much more...
How do we keep our prices down?
This has been achieved by pioneering an innovative business model specifically aimed at helping our customers. Simply put, we cut out all of the middlemen and high cost centers that do not directly contribute to the building of a great waterjet system.
Why the extra foot of travel?
Often, when adding a second cutting head, the distance the first cutting head can move is reduced to make space for the additional head. We added the extra foot of travel to "park" the second head when not in use. This allows you to have full range of the first cutting head when the second is not in use.
Why the independent carriages?
The benefit of having separate cutting heads on completely independent Z-Carriages is the freedom the operator gets to place the heads as close or as far apart as desired within seconds. Each Z-Carriage has its own motor driven height adjustment, and can be configured to have an independent height sensor.
How thick can waterjet cut?
Waterjet can cut 10" thick stainless steel without too much difficulty, but can cut even thicker material (18" thick Titanium) if the application demands it.

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