Back to News WARDJet waterjet cutting machines are proudly made 100% in the USA. We manufacture everything at our headquarters in Tallmadge, OH.

American Waterjets Made in the USA

WARDJet Waterjets are Made in the USA

Made in America

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Made in America” so many times that it has lost its meaning. With so much deceptive labeling in the market nowadays, consumers are understandably wary of these types of claims. According to the Federal Trade Commission, in order to advertise a product as made in the USA, it must be “all or virtually all” manufactured on domestic soil. Most of the big-name waterjet OEMs declare their products American-made, but the appropriate phrase would be “Assembled in America” using the FTC’s guidelines. WARDJet can confidently proclaim that our waterjet systems are made in America.

WARDJet’s equipment is not only assembled 100% in the USA, but nearly every major component of WARDJet’s equipment is manufactured right here in our Tallmadge, Ohio facility. Other waterjet OEMs import major components or complete systems from overseas to reduce costs. This not only limits what they can offer their buyers in terms of customization, but it limits their control of product quality. In stark contrast, WARDJet excels at providing tailored waterjet solutions to our customers. We are able to control quality by performing most of our manufacturing in-house. In-house production also means that WARDJet can offer the latest innovations to the market at an accelerated pace.

WARDJet strives to be a vertically integrated company, where the company owns or manages the supply chain to produce a product. When you order a waterjet cutting machine from WARDJet, your machine will start from raw steel right here in our Tallmadge, OH facility. We machine and fabricate nearly every major component on our waterjet equipment in-house, including tanks, sidebeams, risers, and crossbeams. We also manufacture our own printed circuit boards, machine controllers, and electrical panels. Producing components internally gives WARDJet more control over the quality of the final product.

WARDJet is proud to continue to support our local economy as our business grows. We are headquartered in Northeast Ohio and many members of our team have received training from local trade schools and STEM programs. Being a highly engineering-focused company, WARDJet draws heavily on talent from the strong regional universities to fill our ever-expanding mechanical, electrical, and software engineering positions.

At a time when other leading manufacturers are closing US plants and outsourcing to save a buck, it is gratifying to be experiencing a growth phase using our made in America model. We believe “American Made” means exceptional quality. We celebrate being American, keeping jobs in the USA and take pride in creating high quality, tailored waterjet solutions right here in the US.

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