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“A New Abrasive Recycling System”

WJTA Jet News, March 2002

WARDJet, Inc. now offers two models of recycling systems, the WARD and the WARD 2, the latter designed to service the 96% of waterjet companies not previously able to utilize or justify the bigger WARD unit. (WARD is an acronym for Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Dispenser.) The WARD 2 sells for a fraction of the cost of the WARD!

 The WARD 2 is specifically designed for smaller users, but still has the potential drying capacity of up to 18,000 lbs per month depending on the options selected. It is simple and convenient: plug the WARD 2 into a 110v outlet, connect an air and water hose and removal and recycling starts.

 “The WARD 2 has been designed to fill the void the larger WARD unit passed over,” says Richard Ward, CEO of WARDJet, Inc., designer and manufacturer of the WARD systems.

 The WARD 2 is 40” x 40” and can be mounted with wheels to be moved easily around on a shop floor. It can be used with multiple waterjets even at different geographic locations and can be transported on the back of a pick-up truck. Another feature is the option to produce two different grades of recycled abrasive at the same time. This allows the owner to recover a much greater percentage of abrasive.

 American Express backs the introduction of the WARD 2 with instant financing available for qualified applicants and a very easy payment plan. If a company has been in business over two years and meets a few other minor requirements, financials are not required either.

 A limited time launch incentive by WARDJet, Inc., offers buyers a choice of discount or refund of several monthly payments.

 “We want companies to be able to own and operate and generate instant savings from the WARD 2. In effect, recycling is the same as securing another profitable contract, the profits being generated through savings instead of income,” points out Ward.

 WARDJet, Inc. expects to provide over 200 systems in 2002, into the USA alone, starting with companies already on a waiting list.

 When Richard Ward’s company WARDJet, Inc. first proposed recycling of waterjet abrasive over three years ago, it was met with skepticism.  Today, every purchaser and operator of a waterjet desiring a successful business must consider recycling.

 The questions, often bordering on accusations, of “how much will I recover, how much does it cost to recycle, what about the undersize waste material and how fast will recycled abrasive cut compared to new abrasive?” no longer seem to be the main issues.

 “We believe we have accomplished the goal of proving to hundreds of companies that recycling of used waterjet abrasive does work and can pay handsome dividends. The only real issue at hand has, and always will be, the need to purchase a system at a price that allows the financial viability calculation to show an instantaneous positive contribution to cash flow and profits. The WARD 2, at its greatly reduced price, should do this for most smaller operators of waterjet systems,” says Ward.

 With close to 50 WARDs supplied by WARDJet, Inc. operating in the USA, Canada and Europe, and with one corporation purchasing four units over 18 months, one for each of their main locations, abrasive recycling is definitely here to stay.

WARDJet, Inc. was so confident in the WARD that nearly nine months were dedicated to giving free live demonstrations to any waterjet operator nationwide in the USA. A WARD unit was installed in a 34 foot truck with a generator, water supply and all the goods necessary to recycle abrasive instantly, on-site for a company or even in a parking lot of a hotel if need be.

The result was almost always the same: skepticism quickly melted into respect and amazement as within three minutes the WARD, operating as an abrasive removal and recycling system, delivered good, ready to use, dry abrasive.

WARDJet, Inc., along with the hard earned reputation and granting of the Technology Award by WJTA at the 2001 Conference in Minneapolis, continues to bring the cost of operating a waterjet unit down, making it a more competitive and versatile choice of cutting machine and process.

There is no getting away from it, recycling could one day be a standard part of every waterjet system.

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