Introducing the New, Small Scale A-Series Waterjet

New, Small Compact A-Series Waterjet

For over 22 years, WARDJet has been one of the most innovative waterjet manufacturers in the United States. We are constantly pushing the envelope with what our waterjets can do, and pride ourselves in our ability to provide tailored solutions to consumer problems. Today, WARDJet introduces the launch of our next generation of waterjets: The A-Series.

The A-Series makes quick work of the toughest, industrial-sized jobs. By not giving up on the core principals of waterjet cutting, the A-Series is an extremely versatile system that simply delivers. The same compact waterjet can be used for full out production runs to one-off prototype work, all without the need to change out tooling.

The first product in the A-Series line, the A-0612, is one of the most compact waterjet systems that WARDJet offers. Featuring a footprint of just 4’ x 7’, the A-0612 takes up less than 30 square feet of floor space – that’s less floor space than a regulation pool table! The waterjet is intelligently designed to save space and can be positioned against a wall or corner. Plus, the unique tank design allows a single person to move the A-Series with a pallet jack or forklift. With the 2’ x 4’ cutting envelope, the A-0612 is perfect for both small and industrial-sized cutting jobs and can handle materials up to 7” thick.

When engineering the A-Series, we knew that it had to be comfortable to work at for an extended period of time. That’s why we made sure the material loading height follows OSHA’s Ergonomics Guidelines, and prevents the operator from having to bend over when loading or unloading the machine. This ensures that stretching, leaning, or bending is minimized while working. Plus, a wide toe-kick cut across the bottom of the A-0612 allows the operator to stand directly against the waterjet while loading material. By reducing hazardous working conditions that can lead to time off work, you can increase machine uptime, increase production, and keep your operators safe.

Other small waterjets compromise on industry standards to save a few feet of floor space. Fortunately, the A-Series has been designed to not only be compact, but incredibly powerful – as powerful as our full-size waterjets. With waterjet cutting, pump horsepower has direct effect on cut speed and on the amount of abrasive used. Which means the higher the horsepower, the faster the cut and the less abrasive that will be needed. By using a 30hp pump, the A-Series will dramatically lower your cost per part and increase your production.

Driving the A-0612 is an industrial-grade rack and pinion system. By using non-pliable drive system components, the A-Series produces more accurate parts. Using the rack and pinion mechanism avoids the slipping, stretching, and thermal expansion issues that is common with low-cost, belt driven systems.

And for those who want more control over the cutting process, there are two additional upgrades available for the A-0612. The first is a 7’ x 4’ enclosure that fits snugly over the tank of the waterjet, providing a safety barrier between the operator and the jet stream, as well as reducing splashback from the cutting head. The second is a variable water level control system which dramatically decreases the noise level associated with cutting. When used in conjunction with one another, these two upgrades provide a safe, clean, and quiet work environment.  

The A-0612 waterjet is hands-down one of the most practical machines that we have ever built. While designed to be compact, the A-Series doesn’t skimp on an ounce of functionality. In fact, we’ve packed more features into this machine than you’ll see in most waterjets in operation today. It’s just another example of our dedication to quality products and providing our customers with Tailored Waterjet Solutions. Have questions? We’ve got answers. Contact our waterjet professionals to tell you more about the A-Series.

For a full run-down of the A-Series and all of its features, visit the A-Series page at

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