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Abrasive Recycling In Your Facility

WJTA Jet News, January 2000

EasiJet, the distributor of  WARD 24, is now offering to recycle used abrasive sludge in your own facility to prove the process works.

"With many systems now in operation throughout the USA and Canada, we need to be pro-active in eliminating all skepticism about abrasive recycling." says Richard Ward, president of EasiJet, Inc.

The program allows companies using abrasive, to schedule a WARD 24 to be delivered to their factory. The system will then be operated for a few days, recycling the waste abrasive sludge generated in the factory. The process typically takes about three minutes to transform waste sludge in the cutting tank to good, dry, ready-to-use abrasive.

The WARD 24 is an abrasive removal and recycling system that will transport the sludge to the top of the washing and separating screen. All undersize abrasive passes through the screen and is considered waste. Each operator can change the mesh size of this top screen, allowing companies to set their own limit as to the mesh size of the recycled abrasive.  Only the good, reusable abrasive is then passed into the dryer. The good abrasive is then passed again over a secondary screen to ensure only dust free, clean, graded abrasive is available to be used again.

Results are showing companies are averaging between 50% to 70% recovery of certain grades of abrasive.

 No loss in cutting speed or quality noticeable

Most striking is the fact that not a single operator of any of the WARD 24's presently operating in the USA and Canada has noticed any reduction in cutting speed or performance.

"We have several theories as to why this is the case" says Ward, "but no matter how much we talk about it, we need to have customers prove this in their own shop, with their own abrasive, on their own machines. Hence the offer to run tests with the full system in the factory."

   Reduction of operating costs up to 40%

Recycling of abrasive allows operating costs to be reduced as much as 40%. If a company is using over 10,000 pounds of abrasive per month, the figures typically justify the purchase of an abrasive recycling system. If using less than 10,000 pounds per month, companies are being encouraged to save their abrasive. The WARD 24 is being used to successfully recycle abrasive that has been stored for years. It's as simple as dumping the old abrasive into the cutting tank and allowing it to then be processed as the current abrasive is being used.

The facts are unavoidable

There is no doubt abrasive recycling cannot help but be the most important contributing factor to economic viability and profitability of waterjet operators. For those who move ahead and recycle abrasive, reduced costs, increased profit margins and a competitive edge are the potential rewards. It is clear, with a Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Dispenser, the savings are too great to ignore.

To learn more about the Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Dispenser and the conditions of scheduling a WARD 24 to be operated in your facility for a test period, contact WARDJet at or call 330-677-9100.

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