Customer Spotlight: Powrachute

Light sport aircraft manufacturer Powrachute customer spotlight

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a capital equipment manufacturer is seeing how our products assist in the success of our customers. We take pride in helping businesses increase their throughput, lower overhead, and even bring production completely in-house. Facilitating the achievement of these goals is what motivates us to continually develop innovative waterjet cutting systems. Due to the versatility of our machines, they have been used in a countless number of industries. From food to foam, aerospace to automotive, there is a WARDJet for almost any application. Today we wanted to highlight the success of a company that develops one of the more unique products we’ve seen. Powrachute, a manufacturer of Light Sport Aircraft, was able to vertically integrate their business and expand their capabilities through the acquisition of a WARDJet waterjet.

Tell us a little about Powrachute.

“We manufacture several different types of Light Sport Aircraft. We have our own product line and also manufacture several other aircraft for another company. We have been in business since 1999 and have produced nearly 2000 aircraft and shipped them around the world. We have a very diversified machining and fabrication shop that can tackle about any project.”

How do you use your WARDJet waterjet?

“We have used our WARDJet to keep control of delivery times and quality control. We like having the ability to prototype a part in a matter of minutes, cut special fixtures, and so many other applications. We were able to machine several dies for one of our NC tubing rollers, cut a section of the die out that wasn’t needed, again saving us hours of machine work.”

What did your manufacturing process look like before the addition of your waterjet?

“We were relying on local laser shops and water jet shops to produce many of our flat parts. We no longer have pickup and delivery headaches, and our parts are always on time. We are able to modify and adjust parts in minutes rather than having other shops that we have to go back and forth with. We have now taken in several new customers that also rely on us for quality waterjet work at affordable prices.”

What benefits have you seen since you’ve implemented your new cutting system?

“I think the biggest benefit of having our WARDJet is the convenience of scheduling our own work, adjusting cut quality as we need it, and prototype parts that we have saved thousands of dollars cutting.”

What advice do you have for someone looking to grow their manufacturing business?

“We were nervous about having enough work to justify the cost of the machine, but now 4 years later it is the best decision we could have made. We were able to increase profits on our own parts, and pickup several customers that need special materials cut that a waterjet excels at. Our machine is now cutting 60 hours weekly with no end in sight!”

Through the purchase of a WARDJet waterjet, Powrachute was able to increase the efficiency of their manufacturing process. Vertically integrating by securing their own means of production led to a huge savings in both time and money, and their fabrication business is much more flexible as a result.

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