WARDJet offering free IGEMS webinar on November 16th

WARDJet will offer a free IGEMS webinar on November 16th, 2018


IGEMS Webinar

We invite you to join us this Friday, November 16th from 1 PM - 2 PM EST for another IGEMS webinar. Hosted by Senior Applications Engineer Jeff Day, this session will cover advanced 2D features including:

  • Contour Command options
  • Programming Open Contours
  • High Quality Hole Command
  • Chain Cuts and Bridges
  • Single Tabs and Multiple Tabs
  • Common Cuts
  • Manual Cuts
  • Disconnected Tool Path
  • Save a Support File
  • Create and Use a Template

Send an email to info@wardjet.com to receive the webinar link and password.




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