Back to Press The A-0612 was designed to be a space-saving cutting system that can handle industrial jobs

WARDJet Introduces New, Small Scale A-Series Waterjet

New Small Format Waterjet: A-Series

 Industry leading waterjet manufacturer WARDJet has just introduced their new A-Series waterjet cutting system. The A-0612 was designed to be a space-saving cutting system that can handle industrial jobs. With a footprint of less than 25 square feet, the A-0612 is a compact yet powerful machine that delivers the same performance as a full-size waterjet in a smaller package.

The A-Series has a 2ft x 4ft cutting envelope with the ability to cut materials up to 7” thick. The cutting head is capable of 4” of Z-travel to accommodate thick work pieces and precisely adjust nozzle standoff distance. While most small-scale waterjets operate at pressures from 30,000 - 45,000 psi, the A-0612 is powered by a 60,000 psi pump that enables it to cut through any material in the same amount of time as a large-scale waterjet. Operating at this higher pressure also reduces the amount of abrasive needed to cut when compared to lower pressure systems.   

The A-0612 features an industrial-grade rack and pinion drive system that prevents slippage and stretching. As a result, the A-Series cuts very accurate parts. A unique shielded side beam reduces drive system exposure and increases component longevity, adding to the already-robust nature of the A-Series waterjet.

The approximate footprint of the machine is 7ft x 4ft, making for easy transportation and installation. The waterjet is portable and can be moved by one person with a pallet jack or forklift. The construction of the A-Series allows it to be positioned against a wall while still being able to access the necessary components of the machine, and ergonomic features such as the built-in toe kick and standardized table height ensure that all areas of the waterjet are within reach of the operator.

A variety of additional upgrades are available for the A-0612, such as a water level control system that enables the user to cut underwater, significantly reducing noise level while cutting. A 6’8” enclosure can be installed over the cutting table, further reducing noise levels and eliminating splashback from the cutting head. These add-ons help to create a quiet, clean, and safe work environment.

 “The A-0612 was designed for consumers who want the capabilities of a full-size waterjet without taking up valuable floor space,” explains Wayne Silasi, marketing manager at WARDJet. “We wanted to give our customers a condensed version of our tried-and-true waterjets without compromising the quality or performance associated with the WARDJet name. The A-Series accomplishes this goal while catering to a market that was previously unserved.”

For more information on the A-Series waterjet, visit or call 1-844-WARDJET.

About WARDJet: WARDJet is an industry-leading waterjet manufacturer based out of Tallmadge, Ohio. Founded in 1995, WARDJet has been manufacturing high-quality waterjet cutting systems for over 22 years. Their implementation of vertical integration and local sourcing of raw materials have allowed them to produce nearly all of their waterjet components completely in-house. WARDJet specializes in custom-made machines, and are the only North American provider of Tailored Waterjet Solutions.

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