Back to News The A-Series is one of WARDJet's most compact waterjet cutting systems. While small in size, this powerful machine is capable of industrial cutting.

A-Series: A Compact, Industrial Waterjet Cutting Solution

WARDJet's A-Series is a compact, industrial cutting system


Today’s landscape for industrial manufacturing is changing, largely due to automation and the usage of CNC routers and machines. This opens up the playing field to new creatives with smaller workspaces and multi-market ambitions. If you need a CNC machine that easily integrates into your work flow, then look no further than the A-Series waterjet solution. Built for businesses with limited floor space, the A-Series is a compact cutting system that’s affordable and safe to use, with the same cutting power as our most industrial waterjets. If you’re operating anything that resembles a highly productive machining center, then adding the A-Series to the mix will fully optimize your productivity and earnings potential.


Perhaps you’re already operating a large machining system in your shop, but you just need something to quickly run a few parts or protypes. Or perhaps you’re hoping to tap into the glass or steel markets, and need an industrial machine to get the job safely without breaking the bank. Whatever your goal, the A-Series waterjet system will nurture your creativity with a cutting solution that’s simple to use.  It integrates easily with other cutting systems for secondary processes, increasing productivity levels and providing ample opportunity to expand business objectives.  Combine this with a quick start-up and short learning curve, and you’ve got a machine with all the power and strength of our larger waterjets but in a smaller package.


A great space saving design, low cost and easy integration into your workflow are not the only rewards you’ll reap from a great waterjet system like the A-Series. Consider these additional benefits:

  1. SAFE, CLEAN & QUIET - A variety of additional upgrades are available that help create a quiet, clean and safe work environment. The optional water level control system, which can raise the water level 3” in less than 5 seconds, allows you to cut underwater, significantly reducing the noise level while cutting. A 6’8” enclosure installed over the cutting table further reduces noise levels and eliminates splash back from the cutting head.

  2. MINIMIZES REPETITIVE TASKS – Abrasive can be easily added to the integrated bulk feed hopper that’s attached to the side of the machine. It holds about 85 pounds of abrasive, enough for approximately 120 minutes of continuous cutting depending on orifice size and abrasive settings.

  3. SIMPLE, EASY TO USE SOFTWARE - Included standard with the A-Series is Move™, hands down the simplest CNC software available today. Designed exactly like a tablet, so all you have to do is drag and drop to load parts, move and rotate parts with your fingers, and zoom into your cutting area with a pinch.

  4. CUTS ANY TYPE OF MATERIAL – There is no limit to what you can cut with a waterjet, and the A-Series is no exception. Equipped with a 60,000 psi waterjet pump, materials like glass, steel, plastics and alloys up to 7” thick can be cut on the A-Series. Visit our Waterjet University for a complete list of materials and tips on how to cut them with the correct technique.

  5. RELIABLE HARDWARE - Driven by an industrial-grade rack and pinion drive system, the hardware results in more accurate cutting of parts. By using non-pliable components, the system avoids the slipping, stretching, and thermal expansion pitfalls that is common with low-cost belt driven systems.

It’s easy to see how the A-Series fits into a variety of industries looking to expand business initiatives at a lower cost. For educational facilities and small machining shops where size, safety and ease of use are important, the A-Series provides the most benefit and optimization of productivity levels. 


Join us on Thursday, March 21st for a live demonstration of the A-Series waterjet. During this event, one of our waterjet experts will walk you through the process of cutting a part on the A-Series from start to finish. Choose from two time slots – 10:30 AM EST or 2:30 PM EST. Spots are limited so register now by sending an email to with your name, company, email, and preferred time.


Contact us today to discover how the A-Series can help automate your business. To buy specific parts and accessories online, click here.     

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