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A-Series Delivers Big for Small Business

WARDJet's A-Series is a compact, industrial cutting system



Although it’s true that “everything starts with an idea,” have you noticed that sometimes, not all ideas turn out as you envision them? A variety of reasons may be to blame. The most common ones include a shortage of time, a small budget, or limited resources. The A-Series waterjet system resolves many of these issues. Cutting at 60,000 psi allows you to cut more parts for less, outshining the competition as an industrial-grade waterjet. For a small business owner, this is a key factor to success. Another point to consider is the fast start-up. With a quick install and easy-to-use Move™ software, you’re able to hit the ground running and start cutting parts in no time. Whether you’re a small business owner or hobbyist enthusiast, the A-Series fits into your workflow and increases versatility.


The A-Series’ small footprint makes it a welcome addition to any small shop that includes equipment like a vertical machining center, small laser, or router. As another CNC machine added to your inventory, the A-Series allows you to experiment in the most cost-effective and efficient way.  For one, quickly fabricating a prototype or adapting a design is easy with a compact machine, before committing to a full-scale production. Do you need to create a product only once or have to cut a variety of small parts? The A-Series handles it with the same kind of quality and precision you expect from a much larger machine.


For small spaces, trying to fit in a waterjet can be problematic. The A-Series’ design allows it to operate close to a wall, reducing the overall working area. It’s also one of the quietest, ergonomically designed machines in the industry. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1.  An optional enclosure installed over the cutting table reduces noise levels, eliminates splash back from the cutting head, and increases overall cleanliness.

  2.  The optional water level control system, which can raise the water level 3” in 5 seconds, allows you to cut underwater, significantly reducing the noise level as it cuts.

  3.  The ergonomic toe kick makes it easy for you to stand against the tank when loading material.

Don’t compromise on what matters most. If you’re a small business owner, the A-Series waterjet is your best value for optimizing productivity levels, quickly and efficiently.


If you need more information, contact us today and see how the A-Series can help your small business. To buy specific parts and accessories online, click here.

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