Back to News The High Pressure Gauge provides waterjet operators with an accurate pressure reading from a distance.

Accessory Spotlight: High Pressure Gauge

WARDJet's High Pressure Gauge provides accurate pressure readings

Easily See Accurate Pressure Readings with the High Pressure Gauge

60,000 psi is the standard operating pressure of WARDJet waterjet cutting systems. At this pressure, optimal cutting speeds can be achieved while minimizing excessive wear on consumable components. There are circumstances, however, where the pressure level of a waterjet will need to be reduced. Examples include certain water-only applications and jobs that require low-pressure piercing. Other times that the pressure will change is if there are leaks in the high-pressure seals or if the pressure must be shut off for the machine to be serviced. In these instances, it is helpful to have a visual reference of the current pressure level.

Both an operational and safety feature, the High Pressure Gauge relays the precise pressure reading of a waterjet cutting system to the operator at all times. Because the reading is taken close to the cutting head, the High Pressure Gauge is generally more accurate than readings taken at the pump (this is due to pressure loss as water from the pump travels through the high-pressure lines to the cutting head). By quickly glancing at the High Pressure Gauge, operators will instantly know if the waterjet is receiving the desired pressure.

Leaks in a pump’s high-pressure seals can cause pressure levels to fluctuate. This fluctuation may be difficult to see without a physical pressure reading. If a High Pressure Gauge is installed, the needle can be seen “ticking” to the left or the right of the desired pressure level, indicating that there is an issue with the pump’s high-pressure seals.

High Pressure Gauges are extremely beneficial in situations where multiple waterjet cutting systems are powered by the same pump. One machine may need to be serviced while the other continues operation. In this situation, pressure to the machine that needs serviced must be shut off. To verify that the machine in question does not have high pressure running to the cutting head, the service technician can take a look at the High Pressure Gauge and be absolutely confident that the machine is safe to work on.

By presenting operators with accurate pressure readings, WARDJet’s High Pressure Gauges can detect pump issues and protect those in the vicinity of the machine. Due to the modular nature of WARDJet’s cutting systems, High Pressure Gauges can be easily installed on nearly any of our current waterjets. Learn more about the benefits High Pressure Gauges by calling WARDJet at 1-844-927-3538 or by filling out our contact form at

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