Creating a Global Waterjet Sales, Service, and Support Network

WARDJet's expanding sales and service network

If you haven’t heard the news already, WARDJet was recently acquired by AXYZ International, an industry-leading manufacturer of CNC router and knife systems. Founded in 1990, AXYZ International has over 25 years of CNC experience and a product that perfectly complements that of WARDJet. With the integration now in full-effect, the two organizations have been hard at work to ensure a smooth transition, and we are excited to announce some of the major opportunities that lie ahead for both our company and our customers.

Nearly 30 years ago, AXYZ International began as a Canadian-based service company that focused on installing and repairing CNC routers. It wasn’t long before they made the switch to the manufacturing side of things and started production on their own line of routers. In 1994, AXYZ opened their first location in Burlington, Ontario, and quickly saw success within the market. Since then, the company has experienced exponential growth. With over 14 locations in 5 countries, AXYZ has a global reach that allows them to keep in direct contact with their customers, a major benefit that can now be passed on to WARDJet’s customer base.

With sales and service operations in the U.S., Canada, UK, India, and Poland, AXYZ is well established as a global presence in the international CNC router market. As a result of the recent acquisition, WARDJet has gone from a locally-based waterjet manufacturer to having a world-wide network of sales and service centers. We have begun the process of shipping our products to these locations and cross-training both WARDJet and AXYZ employees on each company’s respective machines.

The proliferation of our waterjets across the globe will allow us to offer tailored product demonstrations in a location that’s convenient to customers. These demonstrations will provide an open forum for customers to ask questions and take part in a hands-on learning experience. Dedicated technical sales specialists stationed in each office will be able to to make recommendations on a case-by-case basis, personalizing the purchasing process and providing  customers with the tools they need for success.

WARDJet has an enviable reputation for providing excellent technical support. In fact, we are able to resolve 94% of service calls without ever having to send a technician. While remote support is important, sometimes it is necessary to have an expert on-site to resolve machine issues. By expanding both the number of our support staff as well as the locations where they are stationed, our customers can rest assured that a technician is always within reach if the need should arise.

The mutually beneficial integration of AXYZ International and WARDJet will facilitate the growth of both company’s presence in the waterjet and CNC router industry. By utilizing office locations established by AXYZ, WARDJet will be able to offer local training, support, and service to a growing number of customers.

For more information, visit the WARDJet service locations page, contact us at, or call 1-800-927-3538.

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