Back to News The E-2040 waterjet offers the best motion system speed and cutting area of any E-Series waterjet.

E-2040 Rolls Latest Design Improvements into an Ideal Cutting Envelope

E-2040 waterjet cutting system used for water only cutting or abrasive cutting

Over the last few years, you've given us valuable feedback on the best-selling E-Series waterjets. WARDJet has taken those comments, combined with systematic design improvements and created the ultimate mid-size machine for any shop environment. The E-2040 has a 6 foot by 12 foot cutting envelope capable of handling a variety of common sheet sizes. All WARDJet waterjets are designed, manufactured and assembled in America at our headquarters near Akron, Ohio. Set-up improvements allow us to machine the E-2040 more efficiently than ever before, which means shorter lead times for our customers.

Perhaps one of the biggest feature improvements we've made to the E-2040 has to do with the crossbeam. Due to the new design, cutting speeds can reach north of 750 inches per minute. On top of that, you can add almost any cutting head configuration to your E-2040 to tailor the waterjet to your specific business needs, including multiple 5-Axis or taper compensation cutting heads.

Initial customer reaction confirms that the E-2040 is the perfect blend of speed and versatility in a preferred envelope size (common sheet sizes shows here).E-2040 waterjet can accommodate common sheet sizes

Not only is the E-2040 an excellent machine to perform standard 2D or 3D waterjet cutting, but it's also an ideal platform for creating your own tailored waterjet solution by incorporating extra features or accessories. In the image below, you'll note there are two versions of the E-2040; one a water-only platform with two standard heads and plastic waterjet bricks, and a second machine with an abrasive setup featuring a height sensor and AROS plumbing.

E-2040 waterjet with abrasive cutting setup and pure water setup

Abrasive waterjet cutting head with height sensor accessory   Water-only waterjet setup with two standard cutting heads 

Head over to the E-2040 product page or contact our sales team for more information.

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