Back to News In certain applications, the use of multiple cutting heads can increase the efficiency, throughput, and profitability of your waterjet cutting system.

Technical Tip: Increasing Efficiency with Multiple Cutting Heads

WARDJet - Waterjet Cutter Machine with Multiple Cutting Heads

Multiple Heads Are Better Than One

In the world of waterjet cutting there are many accessories available that can help to boost the efficiency, productivity, and throughput of your waterjet cutting system. One of the most popular aftermarket options is the addition of multiple cutting heads to the machine’s gantry. Depending on your application, the use of multiple cutting heads can streamline your manufacturing process, lowering costs and increasing the overall profitability of your waterjet.

Benefits of Using Multiple Cutting Heads

  • Reduce total cost per part
  • Cut multiple parts at the same time
  • Maximize usage of cutting envelope
  • Decrease cutting time
  • Simultaneously cut multiple full-size sheets without stacking

How Does Cutting with Multiple Heads Increase Machine Profitability?

It is important to keep in mind that cutting with multiple heads will increase variable costs at nearly a 1:1 ratio. Doubling the number of cutting heads on a waterjet will in turn double the consumption of abrasive, nozzles, and orifices etc. However, this variable cost increase is offset with a dramatic decrease in fixed costs per part. Fixed costs (operator, depreciation, interest, overhead etc.) can be spread across the increased amount of produced parts per day, drastically lowering total cost per part and expanding overall machine profitability.

When to Use Multiple Cutting Heads

High-Volume Manufacturing

If your production process consists of repeatedly cutting identical parts with little to no variation between runs, multiple cutting heads can lead to major cost savings. The total cut time is reduced with every cutting head added to the gantry. If the distance between parts remains consistent throughout the entirety of the cut, an adjustable spreader bar can be used to mount the cutting heads to the gantry and the distance between the heads set and locked in place.

Mirror Cutting

If you find yourself routinely cutting symmetrical parts, adding a second cutting head may be extremely beneficial to your production process. Waterjets equipped with two independently-driven cutting heads are capable of performing a technique called mirror cutting. This is where the two cutting heads share the same Y-movement while cutting in opposite directions on the X-axis. By cutting two halves of the workpiece at once, the total cut time can be drastically reduced.

Custom Solutions

There are a number of unique applications that can benefit from multiple cutting heads, some examples being:

  • Trimming the excess off either side of your material
  • Cutting rolls of material into strips
  • Applications that require both abrasive and water-only cutting
  • Cutting numerous holes or repetitive shapes in a material

WARDJet has a strong history of developing Tailored Waterjet Solutions for customers with specialized applications. From ground-up design to custom engineering, WARDJet works with you to create the best cutting solution for your business, whether it requires one or sixteen cutting heads.

If you are an existing customer looking to expand your production capabilities or a new customer shopping for a perfectly-suited cutting system, contact WARDJet today to see if multiple cutting heads can help to increase your business’s profitability.

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