Back to News The pneumatic drill is a waterjet accessory that is mounted to the cutting head. It is useful for pre-piercing holes in composite materials.

Pre-Pierce Composite Materials with the Pneumatic Drill for Waterjet Cutting Systems

Drill attachment for a waterjet cutting system

Piercing with the Pneumatic Drill

By themselves, waterjet cutting systems are extremely versatile machines capable of processing a variety of materials. With the addition of any number of available accessories, you can turn your waterjet into an all-in-one manufacturing hub, eliminating the need for additional machinery. The pneumatic drill is one example of such an accessory. Mounted to the cutting head, the pneumatic drill is an effective attachment that will increase your manufacturing capabilities without taking up any additional floor space.

Waterjets pierce materials with a lot of force. In the case of composites, the cutting stream may force water and abrasive in between the material's layers, pushing them apart. The delamination caused by the pierce can ruin the workpiece, leading to higher scrap rates and reducing the profitability of the current job.

The pneumatic drill will pierce a hole in the material at a specific offset from the waterjet cutting head. Drilling the initial hole is much less likely to cause delamination when compared to piercing with a waterjet cutting stream. Once the hole has been drilled, the waterjet can begin cutting the material from within the negative space that has been created. This process is most efficient when machining composite materials such as carbon fiber, G-10, and fiberglass.

The pneumatic drill is just one of many waterjet accessories that can help to optimize production. For information on options available for your waterjet cutting system, contact WARDJet at or call 1-800-677-9100.

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