Back to News For those who like to save time and money, we introduce the WARDKit Plus Package - the waterjet is built by WARDJet, but installed by you.

Save Big with the WARDKit Plus Waterjet Package

The WARDKit Plus Package removes the time commitment of building the waterjet for customers

If you are interested in saving time and money, this one’s for you: WARDJet now offers the WARDKit Plus Package! It’s the full low-cost WARDKit cutting system–including pump, controller and abrasive hoppers–without lifting a wrench. You may want to sit down for this.


Let the pros at WARDJet build and calibrate your WARDKit waterjet system so that you and your business don’t skip a beat. We understand the value of time in your industry, so don’t waste any by committing a full week of several key employees’ time to put together the WARDKit.


The WARDKit Plus Package is the sweet spot between the value of a build-it-yourself WARDKit waterjet and the price of a fully-loaded E-Series. And since the WARDKit and E-Series share the same construction and both come with everything needed to start waterjet cutting, you will enjoy the same quality and base functionality.


If you’re looking for the fine print, you won’t find any. We’ll still train you on your waterjet for two days, and teach you how to unpack and install your waterjet when it arrives at your shop. The WARDKit Plus Package even offers double the hours of free tech support when compared to the WARDKit build-it-yourself version.

Check out this handy chart we put together to illustrate the similarities and differences between the Plus Package and its cousins the WARDKit and the E-Series.

  The WARDKit is a build-it-yourself waterjet in kit-form Choose the WARDKit Plus Package to get the savings of the kit yet fully-assembled The E-1515 waterjet is assembled, calibrated and installed by WARDJet techs
 WARDKit 5x5WARDKit 5x5 PlusE-1515
BUILD Build it Yourself Built by WARDJet Built by WARDJet
INSTALL Install it Yourself Install it Yourself Installed by WARDJet
TECH SUPPORT 5 Hours Included 10 Hours Included Unlimited Included
DAYS REQUIRED AT WARDJet 3 day build + 2 day training 2 day training 2 days training at your Site
CALIBRATION Calibrated by WARDJet Before Install Calibrated by WARDJet Before Install Calibrated by WARDJet Before and After Install

Visit the WARDKit Plus Package page for more information, or contact us to take advantage of this new offer!

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