Back to News The Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar can hold up to four cutting heads that cut multiple, identical parts simultaneously.

Increase Production Capacity with WARDJet's Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar

WARDJet's Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar

Shared Motion Between Multiple Cutting Heads Increases Machine Productivity

WARDJet recognizes the fact that there is a massive amount of diversity within the manufacturing industry. Like a fingerprint or a snowflake, no two businesses are exactly alike. While applications may be similar, characteristics involving the fabrication process, level of output, and efficiency of production can vary greatly. That's why WARDJet has always made a point to offer a variety of machine accessories and aftermarket parts that give businesses the specific tools they need to accomplish their manufacturing goals. One such example is the Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar, an intuitive component used to increase machine throughput and production efficiency. 

Increasing Production Capacity

Depending on manufacturing demands, the addition of multiple cutting heads to a waterjet gantry can be extremely beneficial. A Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar is able to hold up to 4 separate abrasive or water-only cutting heads. Mounted on a single Z-carriage, the cutting heads will share the same X, Y, and Z motion, cutting multiple identical parts simultaneously. The distance between the heads can be manually adjusted to maximize material usage and machine productivity. If space allows, multiple spreader bars can be installed on the same gantry to make the most out of the machine’s cutting envelope.

Up to Four Cutting Heads

Variable Head Spacing

See the Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar in action here. For more information on any accessories or aftermarket parts offered by WARDJet, contact

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