Back to News Foam fabricators and those who process soft-goods can benefit from the speed, accuracy, and reliability of WARDJet's waterjet cutting systems.

Waterjet Cutting Solutions for Foam Fabrication

Waterjets are capable of quickly and efficiently processing a wide variety of foam materials.


Waterjet Cutting Solutions for Foam Fabrication

Waterjet cutting systems are growing increasingly popular in the foam fabrication industry due to their many advantages over traditional cutting methods. Capable of quickly and efficiently processing virtually any type of foam, waterjets have helped many businesses increase production efficiency and maximize the contribution margin on their products. WARDJet manufactures a variety of waterjet cutting systems that can be tailored to effectively process foam parts for any industry or application.


The J-Series is WARDJet’s standard water-only waterjet cutting system. Designed for processing all types of soft-goods, the J-Series is a fast, reliable machine that can be outfitted with a variety of material handling accessories that help to streamline production. The J-Series has two models, the J-106 with a cutting area of 6’ x 10’, and the J-128 with a cutting area of 8’ x 12’. Both are capable of achieving speeds up to 3,000 ipm and can be upgraded with multiple cutting heads for increased production capacity.


The L-Series is similar to the J-Series waterjet in that it was designed for the processing of soft goods. The main difference between the two machines is the maximum speed, with the L-Series topping out at a breakneck speed of around 7,000 ipm. Built for mass production, this ultra-fast cutting system utilizes quick acceleration between parts to minimize overall cutting time and maximize output. The L-Series can be outfitted with multiple cutting heads as well as a variety of material handling options. The two variations of the machine include the L-3018 with a cutting area of 6’ x 10’, and the larger L-3025 waterjet with a cutting area of 8.3’ x 10’.


One of WARDJet’s standard abrasive waterjets, the X-Series can be outfitted with a specialized steel tank and water-only cutting heads to transform it into a foam processing powerhouse. The machine moves at speeds of over 700 ipm and can cut multiple workpieces at once with the addition of a second cutting head. Because the tank does not need to be filled with water splashback and material wetting is minimized. The sloped water-only X-Series tank funnels the waste water towards the back of the machine for easy disposal. Foam fabricators will benefit from the waterjet’s accuracy, durability, and ability to cut stacked material. The X-Series comes in three sizes: 5’ x 5’, 5’ x 10’, and 9’ x 18’.

If you regularly process foam and various other types of soft-goods, a water-only waterjet cutting system could help your business get the most out of your manufacturing process. Contact WARDJet at 1-844-WARDJet or visit to speak with one of our waterjet experts about your specific application.

If further processing such as pocketing, grooving, or slotting is needed, a CNC router is a great complimentary machine to the waterjet cutting system. To learn more about the capabilities of CNC routers, visit

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