Back to News The wireless pendant allows the operator to more accurately position the waterjet's cutting head(s).

[VIDEO] Wirelessly Control Your Waterjet Cutting System

The wireless pendant allows the operator to control the waterjet cutting system from anywhere on the shop floor.

WARDJet's Wireless Pendant

A waterjet's main controller is a vital part of the machine that allows the operator to make full use of the cutting system's capabilities. While there are a variety of controllers available to choose from, they can be a bit cumbersome and don't always offer the most in terms of mobility. For this reason, WARDJet carries the wireless pendant for operators that desire a little more flexibility. 

The wireless pendant is a compact, portable waterjet controller. While normally operators are tied to the waterjet's main controller, the pendant will allow them to walk right up to any side of the machine, giving them a better view of the cutting table and where the heads are located.

The pendant comes preprogrammed with all of the controls that the operator needs to effectively position the waterjet's cutting heads. It is capable of jogging multiple heads in the X, Y, and Z axes, and can make accurate, incremental position changes down to .001". The wireless pendant also includes an E-stop button that will immediately cut power to the machine once pressed. 

Watch the video below to see the wireless pendant in action, or contact us at for more information about implementing wireless waterjet control into your workflow.


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