E-Series Waterjet Cutting Machines

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E-Series: Compact Footprint - Improved Accessibility

Years of experience designing the best quality waterjets on the market culminates with the E-Series waterjet cutting machine. The E-Series combines the quality and accuracy of large-scale WARDJet waterjets with a compact footprint and improved accessibility.

Compact Footprint

Takes up minimal space on your floor, yet accomodates most standard sized materials.


Quickly load material through the front, back, left or right of the cutting area.

Easy Installation

Install and get training all within the course of a single week.

E-Series Compact Waterjet Cutting System

Multiple Cutting Heads

Increase productivity by adding multiple cutting heads. 5-Axis and taper compensation heads are also available.

Job Shop Grates™

A grating, clamping and fixturing system specifically engineered for ease of use and extended life - just flip the grate over to double the life of your cutting support (when compared to traditional slat grates)

Access to Cutting Area

Reduce loading time - load material through the table in both directions and work from the front or back of the machine

Ball Screw Driven in All Axis

The E-Series utilizes the proven technology of 3232 ball screws with 25mm linear rails to provide outstanding accuracy.

Compact Footprint

Compact, sturdy, and engineered for ease of use, the E-Series is the ideal addition to your machine shop. The E-Series waterjet also offers indexing capabilities that allow you to cut much larger sheets.

Solid Construction

The E-Series does not compromise on reliability and is built using high quality steel.

Don't Compromise on Quality

Just because you have limited space doesn't mean you should settle on fewer capabilities, less reliability or cut-rate production. Get a compact, fully-featured machine that doesn't compromise on advanced features you need.
  • Cantilever Style
  • Cutting Envelope: 2' x 2'
  • Bridge Style
  • Cutting Envelope: 5' x 5'


Most Popular
  • Bridge Style
  • Cutting Envelope: 5' x 10'
  • Bridge Style
  • Cutting Envelope: 6.7' x 13.1'
WARDKit Interactive Build Instructions

Engineered for improved accessibility

Load material in any direction

The E-Series's elevated motion system allows material to be loaded in any direction with unlimited sheet length. Even with improved accessibility and material loading, the compact E-Series takes up less space on your floor.

E-Series Waterjet Cutting System

A Tailored Waterjet Cutting System

Select the right system for you application by choosing from a range of possibilities and accessories including Hypertherm Pumps, Abrasive Bulk Feed Hoppers, and Motion Controllers
Start Tailoring

A Complete Package

More than just a waterjet, our 22+ years of service and commitment comes "bundled" with our waterjet cutting systems.

UpgradeabilityWaterjet systems and accessories engineered to scale with your business

Unlimited SupportStop waiting for a technician. Maximize your uptime with remote support

FREE Training1-on-1 training with waterjet professionals for as long as you own your waterjet

Online ResourcesMost comprehensive training and support documentation in the industry

The True Cost of Pump Ownership

Direct Drive Pumps vs. Intensifier Pumps

We know cost is a concern - which is why we include the same intensifier style pump with the E-Series that is used on all of our waterjets. While it is true that direct drive pumps initially cost less, the total cost of ownership will have you paying almost double in 10 years* for a direct drive than you would with an intensifier.

On average, the true cost of ownership is realized in as little as 3 years* and can add up to $60,000 within 10 years*. We can’t speak for you, but you may want to consider pocketing those costs instead. See how much you can save by using our Waterjet Pump Cost Calculator.

Pump Cost Calculator

* Given one 8 hour shift a day

Toggle Imperial or Metric
Model Cutting Area Length Cutting Area Width Z Travel
E-1515 5' 5' 12"
E-1530 5' 10' 12"
E-2040 6.7' 13.1' 12"

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Save on taxes with Section 179

Save on your TaxesDeduct up to $1M with Section 179

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Waterjets Made In USA

Made in AmericaManufactured in the USA

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What can waterjets cut?
Wood, Stone, Composites, Sheet Metal, Foam, Food, Glass and much, much more...
How do we keep our prices down?
This has been achieved by pioneering an innovative business model specifically aimed at helping our customers. Simply put, we cut out all of the middlemen and high cost centers that do not directly contribute to the building of a great waterjet system.
Why the extra foot of travel?
Often, when adding a second cutting head, the distance the first cutting head can move is reduced to make space for the additional head. We added the extra foot of travel to "park" the second head when not in use. This allows you to have full range of the first cutting head when the second is not in use.
Why the independent carriages?
The benefit of having separate cutting heads on completely independent Z-Carriages is the freedom the operator gets to place the heads as close or as far apart as desired within seconds. Each Z-Carriage has its own motor driven height adjustment, and can be configured to have an independent height sensor.
How thick can waterjet cut?
Waterjet can cut 10" thick stainless steel without too much difficulty, but can cut even thicker material (18" thick Titanium) if the application demands it.

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