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Recycling Abrasives with WARD

By: Editors of Stone Link Today

Stone Link Today, October – December 2000

The EasiJet WARD (Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Dispenser) is an integrated abrasive removal and recycling system. It removes sludge from abrasive waterjet cutting tanks, separates reusable abrasive from waste, washes and dries the larger abrasives and then screens it once more. As a result, the recycled abrasive can be placed in the hopper for use again.

Measuring 152 cm x 152 cm x 240 cm, the compact WARD system automatically separates the two end products: recycled abrasive and waste. The recycled abrasive is washed and dried, ready for reuse. On the other hand, the waste sludge and fines are deposited into a 200-litre drum and ready to be emptied into a dumpster. Since the water used for washing the abrasive is returned to the tank, the sludge is typically well-compacted and has little water in it. One advantage of this procedure is the reduction in the seepage of waste water after the sludge is deposited in the dumpster.

The abrasive is removed from the tank using patented nozzles that have no moving parts. Even if they have been buried under the abrasive for several days, the nozzles can be activated to begin delivering the sludge to the WARD. The sludge is sent to the top of a series of vibrating screens where reusable abrasive is separated. The abrasives are later dried.

The recovery rates of the abrasive will depend on the material being cut by the waterjet; the speed and quality of cut specified, which in turn will determine how much of the abrasive actually comes into contact with the cutting face of the abrasive stream during the cut; and the original type and mesh size of abrasive used.

An optional secondary splitter screen and dual transport system can be added to allow the dry, recycled abrasive to be graded into different mesh sizes. Once the different sizes of abrasives are separated, the dual abrasive transport system will transport to two different locations up to 18 metres away.

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