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WJTA JET NEWS, April 2000,
(New Products, Services section)

EasiJet, Inc., the distributor of the WARD 24 abrasive recycler, officially launched the sales of the system in March 2000 and in the first month had orders approaching 20 systems. It is expected over 100 systems will be sold in the USA this year. Although WARD 24 units have been in operation through 1999, these sites were considered as beta sites, allowing EasiJet to gather information from 11 different sites nationwide. Every operator has different products, cutting systems and criteria. The live on-site testing throughout 1999 has resulted in several changes to the system, making it more user friendly and automated. The system is compact, can be fitted with wheels allowing it to be used with several machines. It is easy to use, and only takes three minutes from the time the abrasive is pumped to the top of the washing screen to the time the dry abrasive is ready to be used again. Only the good abrasive is dried.

Options now available with the WARD 24 include:

1. Using heat from the waterjet pump/intensifier to be incorporated with the drying process.  By introducing hot air into the dryer, the electric energy consumption of the WARD 24 is reduced. 2.  Separating out several different grades of abrasive from the recycled product. This allows a user to “'make” their own finer abrasive and determine the actual mesh size they want for a specific application. It is now easy to make your own 120, 100 and 80 mesh abrasive after starting with 50 mesh for example.

3.  Removing all dust from the process, ensuring the system is clean. 4.  Full automation and monitoring. It is possible to leave the system unattended and have the unit connected to a paging system that will notify the plant manager if the WARD 24 needs attention.

5.  Automatic switching of the system to operate out of several different waterjet tanks. This means that one WARD 24 can easily service several waterjet cutting systems unattended.  

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