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WARD 24 cuts abrasive costs 70%
up to 287 lbs. per hour, dried abrasive recovered

Within the first week of the Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Dispenser's (WARD 24) release to consumers, actual test results on eight different companies' abrasive revealed that savings of 70% on abrasive purchases are achievable. Certain circumstances allow for even greater savings.

A sieve analysis of recycled abrasive which started as 50 mesh, shows 68% of abrasive to be over 80 mesh, and 89% over 100 mesh. In effect, this means the first time the abrasive was used, the actual cost was only a fraction of the initial cost as most of it can be reused again and again and again.

The abrasive could have a life of several recycles, each application being different.


Some companies are installing optional grading screens, allowing operators to separate out different mesh sizes from the sludge. If a 120 screen is installed on the WARD 24, 120 mesh could be separated out from the sludge. (The WARD 24 is supplied with a 100 mesh screen, but each operator will receive a 120 mesh screen within a few weeks of purchase for trial purposes to determine the increased recovery achievable). For companies who have no use for this size mesh, EasiJet is sourcing buyers, allowing operators to 'sell' their recycled, washed, dried and screened abrasive at discount pricing. It is possible to screen and separate out finer mesh if desired, such as 150 mesh.

"We have made every effort to be conservative in all estimates and claims, even though we have results from several test sites over the last year. What we are seeing is confirmation of all we have worked for, with excellent results from a wide range of waterjet operators, each having their own specific applications and each using different abrasive suppliers," says Richard Ward, President of EasiJet, the sole distributor of the WARD 24.


Live testing of clients' abrasive began on May 9, 1999. Prospective buyers were asked to send abrasive sludge to EasiJet's facilities in Tallmadge, Ohio. The sealed containers of abrasive were then opened in the presence of the company representative and tested. The instant results and responses of those witnessing the abrasive removal and recycling of the sludge culminated in four on-the-spot purchase orders, and four recommendations to management where owners were not present. An additional eighteen companies are awaiting testing of their sludge.

"It's a no brainer!" was a common remark of those witnessing the operation of the WARD 24.
Although the recommended rate of recovery is 2 lbs per minute of dried abrasive, greater results have been achieved. Sludge is removed from the tank at a faster rate with all particles smaller than 100 mesh becoming a waste product.

But not for long! EasiJet expects to release a 'brick / block' option that could be used to make interlocking paving bricks from the remaining sludge. Preliminary testing revolves around ascertaining the effect of minuscule corrosive particles within the brick. It is expected that this will not be an issue, and the particles will not have the ability to expand and cause cracking. An optional magnetic separator could be specified if desired to remove magnetic particles and waste.

Additional options to remove valuable materials and alloys from the sludge can be supplied upon request.


It is estimated recycled abrasive could be produced within 2 hours of the WARD 24 arriving at the loading dock of a company.

The system is very simple, easy to operate and is the size of your desk! It can be placed on wheels, and moved around a plant easily for those with multiple systems. From the time the abrasive removal suction nozzle is activated, it takes about 3 minutes until dry, ready to use abrasive is produced.

The principle of the system is completely opposite to all technology used to date. Present systems typically have to work hard at keeping the abrasive in suspension, the abrasive then being separated out as the suspended solids are passed either through a settling tank or cyclone of some sort. However, the WARD 24 works best when buried under at least 12" of abrasive.

Hence, there is no need to even install suction nozzles on the base of the tank, although this is recommended. It is initially possible to simply insert the nozzles down into the abrasive from the surface. This again makes the WARD 24 a highly versatile and mobile system for any operator.

It may only be necessary to operate the WARD 24 every few days to keep up with the production of sludge.


The cutting speed and efficiency of recycled abrasive will vary from application to application. It is a fact, smaller mesh abrasive cuts slower in thicker materials. Once abrasive is recycled several times it will become smaller. However, a point of equilibrium between new and recycled abrasive should be attained where the amount of recycled abrasive can be predicted.

In reality, finer abrasive cuts slower, although this is only noticed when 'pushing' cutting speeds to the maximum. Research shows 95% of all waterjet cutting demands a medium quality cut where the abrasive is not working at full capacity. Under these circumstances there is no noticeable difference in cutting speed or quality of cut using recycled abrasive.

It will be necessary to add new abrasive to the tank from time to time. This should be done on jobs where the larger new abrasive would be pushed to the limit, ensuring the maximum overall efficiency is maintained at all times.


EasiJet can supply custom systems for recycling of abrasive for other applications such as blast abrasive used for cleaning ships, storage tanks, heat exchangers, paint removal, specialized alloy removal, etc.

Until now, all operators have accepted that used abrasive has no value and cannot be used again. The WARD 24, while shattering operating costs, is proving this fallacy wrong, offering operators substantial savings. These savings can be translated into additional profits or lower pricing for end users.

WARDJet  may be contacted at 330-677-9100, fax 330-677-9121

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