The WARDKit Plus Package removes the time commitment of building the waterjet for customers

Save Big with the WARDKit Plus Waterjet Package

For those who like to save time and money, we introduce the WARDKit Plus Package - the waterjet is built by WARDJet, but installed by you.

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Pro-snowboarder Speedy Steve during competition at Buck Hill, MN

Speedy Steve Snowboards at Buck Hill

Pro-snowboarder Speedy Steve, sponsored by waterjet OEM WARDJet, finishes in top ten during races at Buck Hill, MN at North America Cup races from 12/16-12/18

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Waterjets can be used to cut nearly anything...including these Christmas cookies!

Cutting Christmas Cookies on a Waterjet

One of our favorites here at WARDJet are Christmas cookies, so we decided to use our waterjet cutting equipment to make some festive cut-out cookies.

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Laureate Discovers the WARDJet Difference

Prize Turns Profit on Day 1 for IMTS Waterjet Winner

Laureate Machine & Automation of Ohio receives their WARDJet waterjet prize from IMTS, an E-Series 1530, in late November 2016

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