3D Printer Used to Illustrate Waterjet Machine Sizes

WARDJet engineers use 3D printing technology to test out designs before they are released for production. Recently, WARDJet utilized this technology to ‘print’ two 1/64th size scale Z-Series waterjets to illustrate their comparative sizes to a visiting customer. By putting a miniature Z-2543 next to a miniature Z-3064, this customer was able to visualize how much their production could grow with the addition of the larger machine to their shop.

The WARDJet team is eager to provide customers with any tools necessary to make informed waterjet cutting decisions. For WARDJet, our focus is not simply the sale of a cutting system but the continued success of our customers. Visit our Z-Series web page to read more about these high quality cutting systems or the Facebook page to compare the real-life pictures with the miniature 3D models.

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