WARDJet Ships Multiple Waterjet Orders Overseas

This week, the team at WARDJet in the States was busy packing for a shipment to WARDJet UK. Although only one truck was used to transport this shipment to the dock, the waterjet cutting system and accessories packaged in blue wrap are actually going to two different companies in the United Kingdom. Since they will travel overseas via boat, the blue water-resistant wrap helps to provide a tight seal to the equipment that will protect them from damage during their journey. Once docked at the shipyard in England, this trailer of  accessories and waterjet system will again be connected to a truck to transport them to their final destinations.

Pictured on the truck leaving our facilities in Ohio is a ZXL-2043 waterjet cutting system, multiple self-tipping hoppers, a WARD Pro abrasive recycling system, plus a few additional packages for our customers in the United Kingdom. Want to know more about what makes the Z-2043 an ideal system for shipping overseas? Check out the Z-2043 waterjet cutting machine page!


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