Pouring the Foundation for the GX-4816 Waterjet

While the fabrication and assembly of GX-4816 components continues at WARDJet headquarters in Ohio, the massive concrete foundation was poured at the customer's location in Eastern Pennsylvania. This concrete foundation will serve as the base for the G-4816 side beams and recessed steel tank. Since the GX-4816 is one of the largest waterjets in North America, its foundation required nearly 11 loads of fresh concrete to fill the space reserved for its foundation. The GX-4816 waterjet tank will be installed level to the floor to allow workers to easily load and unload material on the 48' by 16' cutting area.

Watch a brief time-lapse video of the concrete being poured and keep checking back to the blog and G-Series webpage for updates on the progress of this impressive waterjet cutting system.

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