GX-4816 Waterjet Crossbeam Ships to PA

Today is an exciting day at WARDJet - the massive GX-4816 waterjet crossbeam is leaving our building to head to the customer's location in Eastern Pennsylvania. This shipment marks the end of production and assembly of the GX-4816 at WARDJet headquarters, as the final assembly and installation will take place outside our building.

Take a look at this image of the mega-sized GX-4816 crossbeam being loaded onto the truck. Our engineering software estimates the total weight of this crossbeam to be approximately 21,000 lbs.
The team at WARDJet is very excited to see the final GX-4816 waterjet cutting system as it is completed near the end of April. Until then, check the G-Series web page for updates and information shared by our WARDJet installers in the field.

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