Shipping Another LX-3025 Water-Only Waterjet

In the water-only industry (think foams, packaging, rubber, fiberglass, etc.), high volume production can make or break your business. WARDJet's L-Series Waterjets and J-Series Water Only Waterjet Cutting Machines  are specifically designed to cut high volumes of materials at speeds up to 7,000 inches per minute. It is no wonder why some foam converting companies have switched to WARDJet machines at all of their facilities.

This week, WARDJet shipped yet another LX-3025 waterjet to a company with multiple locations across North America. The LX-3025 is the 14th waterjet or retrofit purchased by this company in less than 5 years. If you are in the foam, rubber, or gasket industry, find out how a WARDJet water-only waterjet can revolutionize your production - before your competition does!

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