The New Robust MEKA Z-Carriage!

We just shipped out the NEW Robust Meka Z-Carriage on an 8-head Emerald 1530 this week!

This is the New Robust Meka Z-Carriage with Twin Carriages, each with 4 Manually Adjusted Nozzles Mounted on 2 Spreader Bars. What makes this one different? What makes it so robust?

The new Robust Meka Z-Carriage is engineered to be twice as wide as the standard Emerald Z-Carriage, for unmatched stability and more accurate cutting. It’s a beast compared to the standard.

While the standard has a single rail, the Meka-Z has a dual rail and bearing assembly to keep it square and eliminate any movement or twisting.
Inside of the Z-Carriage you’ll find a pneumatic counterbalance. When you jog a Z-Carriage down, gravity works with it to take it down; when you jog it up, gravity works against it. The added pneumatic counter-balance fills with air to assist in the Z-Carriage lift, which enhances the durability and longevity of the machine.

You’ll also find a thicker, precision, heavy-duty ballscrew inside, which holds up under the weight, stress and pressure of continuous use. This will provide you with years of maintenance-free productivity that WARDJet Machines are known for!

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