WARDJet's Latest Custom Water-Only Waterjet

Custom ZX-2543-5 Water-Only Waterjet with 3 Shuttle Tables
WARDJet has developed yet another custom machine with built-in automation—this high rail ZX-2543-5 with independent shuttle tables. Outfitted with both a 5-Axis Infini Winder cutting head for complex geometries, as well as a standard 2D head for basic parts, this ZX-2543-5 is versatile enough for both high volume production and one-off prototyping. Watch the ZX-2543-5 water-only shuttle table here or by clicking the player below.
The owner of this machine has had other waterjets since they opened up shop ten years ago, but as production demands increased, they decided to call in the custom automation experts at WARDJet. They are looking forward to the installation of this powerful workhorse in the upcoming weeks.

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