Pro-snowboarder Speedy Steve during competition at Buck Hill, MN

Speedy Steve Snowboards at Buck Hill

Pro-snowboarder Speedy Steve, sponsored by waterjet OEM WARDJet, finishes in top ten during races at Buck Hill, MN at North America Cup races from 12/16-12/18

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Waterjets can be used to cut nearly anything...including these Christmas cookies!

Cutting Christmas Cookies on a Waterjet

One of our favorites here at WARDJet are Christmas cookies, so we decided to use our waterjet cutting equipment to make some festive cut-out cookies.

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Laureate Discovers the WARDJet Difference

Prize Turns Profit on Day 1 for IMTS Waterjet Winner

Laureate Machine & Automation of Ohio receives their WARDJet waterjet prize from IMTS, an E-Series 1530, in late November 2016

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CNC Welding machine Weldbot

Weldbot Machine Hits 1 Million Welds, Speaks Volumes

WARDJet's custom made CNC waterjet grate welding gantry system, Weldbot, hits 1,000,000 welds in one calendar year.

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