WARDJet's High Pressure Gauge provides accurate pressure readings

Accessory Spotlight: High Pressure Gauge

The High Pressure Gauge provides waterjet operators with an accurate pressure reading from a distance.

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WARDJet's Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar

Increase Production Capacity with WARDJet's Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar

The Manually Adjustable Spreader Bar can hold up to four cutting heads that cut multiple, identical parts simultaneously.

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WARDJet X-1530 WaterJet Cutter

Common WARDJet Waterjet Sizes

WARDJet offers a variety of machine sizes that are suited for different applications.

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WARDJet - Waterjet Cutter Machine with Multiple Cutting Heads

Technical Tip: Increasing Efficiency with Multiple Cutting Heads

In certain applications, the use of multiple cutting heads can increase the efficiency, throughput, and profitability of your waterjet cutting system.

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