WARDJet X-1530 WaterJet Cutter

Common WARDJet Waterjet Sizes

WARDJet offers a variety of machine sizes that are suited for different applications.

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WARDJet - Waterjet Cutter Machine with Multiple Cutting Heads

Technical Tip: Increasing Efficiency with Multiple Cutting Heads

In certain applications, the use of multiple cutting heads can increase the efficiency, throughput, and profitability of your waterjet cutting system.

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WARDJet - Water-only Water Jet Cutting Machine with Shuttle Table

Technical Tip: Increasing Waterjet Throughput with Shuttle Tables

Shuttle tables allow an operator to load and unload a water-only waterjet cutting system while the machine is in operation, increasing machine efficiency.

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Canadian Flag - New tax incentives for 'Waterjet Cutting Machine' purchased after November 20, 2018

Canada Introduces Tax Incentives for Capital Equipment Purchases

Canada has just introduced a new tax incentive that will allow business owners to deduct the full purchase price of capital equipment from their taxes.

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