Dialine Style Orifice

Dialine Ultra Saphire Orifice

#22835-XXX $22.50

Dialine Ruby Orifice

#12835-XXX $18.50

Dialine Diamond Orifice

#12749-XXX $425.00

Ruby vs. Diamond Orifice

Hourly Operating Cost
Ruby $1.79
DiaLine $1.57
Average life (Ruby) Average life (DiaLine)
Orifice 40 hours 1200 hours
Nozzle 60 hours 70 hours
  • Save 12.5% on hourly operating cost with a DiaLine Diamond Orifice
  • Reduce orifice-related downtime and purchase frequency by 3,000%
  • Increase nozzle life by 15% through 1,200 hours of a perfectly aligned cutting stream

A2 Style Orifice

A2 Ruby Orifice

#11007-XXX $14.50

A2 Diamond Orifice

#11007D-XXX $425.00

Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles

3" Long Life Nozzles

Long Life Nozzles are made from Roctec 100 material and typically last around 80+ hours of abrasive waterjet cutting.

3" Roctec 500 Nozzles

Roctec 500 nozzles deliver 30% longer life than other abrasive waterjet nozzles. The Rapid Omnidirectional Compaction (ROC) manufacturing process combined with a unique material composition, high hardness and density, and low binder content make Roctec 500 nozzles particularly well-suited to ultra high pressure applications.

Intensifier Pump Parts

1" High Pressure Seal Kit

These seals fit most Hypertherm and Accustream pumps.
11451 - 1" High Pressure Seal Kit $125.00

.875" High Pressure Seal Kit

These seals fit most Jet Edge style pumps.
11449 - .875" High Pressure Seal Kit $95.00

1" High Pressure Seal Back-Up Ring

11610 - Seal Back-Up Ring $40.00

Check Valve Repair Kit

12024 - Check Valve Repair Kit $75.00

Bleed Down Valve Repair Kit

12981 - Bleed Down Valve Repair Kit II $80.00

Dialine Cutting Head Parts

Mixing Chamber

12747 - DiaLine Mixing Chamber $155.00

On/Off Valve Repair Kit

11328 - Accuvalve Repair Kit $90.00

High-Cycle On/Off Valve Repair Kit

13683 - High-Cycle Accuvalve Repair Kit $145.00

Dialine Medium Swivel Adapter

13841 - Dialine Medium Swivel Adapter $185.00

2D Height Sensor Parts

2D Height Sensor Brush

ZG613671 - 2D Height Sensor Brush $74.18

Circuit Boards

Variable Speed Mini Hopper Circuit Board

WJ-1021-3.3 - VSMH Circuit Board $120.00

Lubricants and Grease

Blue Goop

Blue Goop 2oz. Tube $14.00

WARDJet T-Shirts

Short Sleeve $20