Back to Press MAP of Easton Breathes New Life into Existing Waterjet

MAP of Easton Breathes New Life into Existing Waterjet

Retrofit MAP of Easton

Ohio-based waterjet manufacturer WARDJet has just wrapped up a successful motion controller retrofit for molded acoustics leader MAP of Easton. Headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania, MAP of Easton’s primary focus is the production and development of acoustical insulation parts which dampen or isolate sound within a given area like an automobile or office cubicle. After determining that they needed to increase efficiency at their plant in Granger, Indiana, MAP of Easton turned to WARDJet to add a new system that included a new CNC motion controller, servo motors, and cables. MAP of Easton was able to retrofit their current cutting system without the need to buy a costly new waterjet.

Retrofitting is a low-cost approach to adding new capabilities to a current waterjet by installing production-increasing software and hardware features. A typical retrofit will take no more than five days. Qualified field service technicians start by removing all current motors, motor cables and controllers which are then replaced with WARDJet’s own state-of-the-art equipment. The new motors are then tuned, the machine is squared, and the operators are taught how to use the improved hardware and cam software right inside their own facility.

“When it comes to upgrading waterjet systems, retrofitting is the most cost-effective solution,” explains Wayne Silasi, Marketing Communications Manager at WARDJet. “WARDJet’s retrofitting process increases efficiency, boosts productivity, and lowers total production time, all at a fraction of the cost of a new waterjet.”

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About WARDJet: WARDJet is an industry leader in the manufacture of abrasive waterjets. Founded in 1995, WARDJet has been developing the highest quality waterjet systems, parts, and support services for the last 22 years, and has retrofitted over 100 machines for businesses across the nation. WARDJet is one of the few waterjet companies that can say they are truly vertically integrated; their focus on in-house production and the local sourcing of materials is what gives WARDJet the ability to provide their customers with superior products and services.


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