WARDJet's New X-Series Waterjet: Built for Speed, Accuracy, and Durability

WARDJet's new X-Series waterjet, built for speed, accuracy, and durability.

You probably recognize the left half of the image shown above. “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper”, one of the most iconic photographs of the early 1900’s, was a symbol of strength, hard work, and perseverance in a time of extraordinary adversity. Taken in the midst of the great depression, it inspired many to pull themselves up from their bootstraps, and is an allegory for the industrious decade that helped shape this country’s infrastructure.

Nearly a century later, this same industrial spirit lives on inside the walls of WARDJet. Built with speed, accuracy, and durability in mind, our new X-Series line of waterjets was developed harnessing that good ol’ American ingenuity reminiscent of the 1930’s. One of the most robust series of machines we’ve ever made, the X-Series is a testament to the hard work and determination of our employees, as well as our dedication to continuous innovation.

Completely reengineered from the ground-up, the X-Series’ new crossbeam features several elements that are directly responsible for the waterjet’s improved performance. The lightweight construction of the beam itself allows the structure to accelerate quickly between cuts, moving the cutting head across the table at lightning-fast speeds. An internal series of reinforced supports ensure a rigid platform that can hold the weight of multiple cutting heads. The crossbeam is modular in nature which allows it to be upgraded with a variety of different accessories at any time.

Consisting of three different size machines, the X-Series line has a waterjet for any application. The smallest of the three, the X-1515, has a cutting envelope of 5ft x 5ft. This compact version of the X-Series is perfect for those with limited floor space, and despite the size, packs a serious punch. The midrange X-1530 features a 5ft x 10ft cutting envelope, and the largest, the X-2040, has a cutting envelope of 6.7ft x 13.1ft. All X-Series machines come equipped with a variable water level control system that enables the operator to adjust the surface height of the water. This feature allows for under-water cutting, which dramatically reduces machine splashback as well as noise associated with the cutting process. The open layout of the X-Series makes for easy loading of material from the front, back, or sides of the machine, and the ergonomic design of the tank ensures that all areas of the waterjet are within reach of the operator.

While the advanced hardware of the X-Series line of waterjets is the star of the show, the best supporting actor would easily be given to our brand-new controller software called Move™. Move™ is a user-friendly CAM program that was developed with ease of learning and usability in mind. “Move™ is hands-down the most simple motion control software in the industry,” explains Wayne Silasi, marketing manager at WARDJet. “We set out to create a user-friendly experience with quick access to the software’s most powerful features. The result – motion control that is simple enough for a beginner, but powerful enough for advanced operators”. Move™ will be packaged in a large 24” touchscreen display that comes equipped with both a camera for remote support and a water-resistant enclosure that provides a rugged control point for the cutting system.

The X-Series waterjet is a technologically advanced machine built with classic American ingenuity. It exudes the industrial ideals of the early 1900’s, while simultaneously implementing the most innovative, modern features of the 21’st century. Backed by WARDJet’s proven commitment to quality, the X-Series is a robust waterjet that excels in every aspect.

For a more detailed look at the X-Series line of waterjets, visit our X-Series product page. For quotes and pricing information, fill out our contact form.

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