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We manufacture and provide highly productive, reliable, and intuitive waterjet cutting machines made in America. Start Tailoring
Modular Product Line

Expandable and Customizable

Thanks to our system of modular components, your waterjet cutter, can be tailored to your individual needs. Your system can be upgraded with new features at any time and is designed to be flexible.

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Support at your Fingertips

It's simple - you rely on your machine to keep turning out top-notch product. The minute that stops, so does your profit. Stop waiting for a support technician. With remote support, get back up and running in an instant.

WARDJet Culture

Innovative People

We are modern day pioneers backed by over 22+ years of experience. Our innovative nature is highly contagious. Expect to be caught up in the possibilities and the drive to create something exceptional.

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of Waterjet Experience

Infinitely Expandable & Customizable

With our unique system of interchangeable components, you can always equip your waterjet machine with the latest innovations at a fraction of the cost. Infinitely expandable and modular, you can constantly breathe new life into your waterjet.
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Training & Support Resources

With over 20 years of waterjet experience, WARDJet has compiled the most comprehensive training and support documentation in the industry - all just a click away

FREE Trainingwith the purchase of a waterjet

IGEMS TrainingFrom waterjet professionals

Waterjet UniversityComprehensive online knowledgebase

Support VideosCategorized Video Library

Water Jet Cutter Remote Support | Grey/Blue XL-Controller and headphones

Stop Waiting for a Support Technician to get to you

With 94% of all calls resolved without sending a technician to you, WARDJet's unique approach to technical support increases your uptime. Learn how remote support keeps your business hummin'.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Located in America's rust belt, WARDJet rose up just a stone's throw from the epicenter of industrial innovation, Akron OH, where the likes of Goodyear, Firestone, General Tire and Goodrich all first called home in the 1900s. Steeped in this rich history, WARDJet taps into a local supply of innate ingenuity and hardworking talent. From our employees to our local business partners, innovation is literally in our blood.
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Waterjets Made in the USA

WARDJet’s equipment is not only assembled 100% in the USA, but nearly every major component of WARDJet’s equipment is manufactured right here in our Tallmadge, Ohio facility. When we say American-made, we mean it.

We'd be doing this anyway

We build the slickest, most advanced waterjet machines in the world, but we’re also nerds, makers, designers, gamers, artists and even snowboarders. Take a look at some of the after-hours projects we've been tinkering on.

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Rewarding relationships with some of the best companies worldwide
Partners with GE, 3M, Goodyear, Bridgestone, OSU, Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, United States Navy

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