Back to Press Ohio-based waterjet manufacturer has made quality waterjet training accessible online at no cost.

WARDJet Now Provides Free Online Waterjet Training Course

Online Waterjet Training

Ohio-based waterjet manufacturer, WARDJet, has made quality waterjet training accessible online at no cost. The program has been dubbed “Waterjet University” and aims to be the most comprehensive waterjet education in the industry. The course and training materials are designed to help potential consumers make informed purchasing decisions and to provide guidance in the operation of a new waterjet cutting system.

Waterjet University consists of seven chapters that walk users through all of the components, features, and capabilities of a waterjet cutting system. Starting with an introduction to how a waterjet cutting machine works, the sequential lessons begin with the basics of operation and end with more complicated subject matter such as pump types, orifice sizes, nozzle selection, and maintenance/troubleshooting. Each topic is broken into smaller sections that avoid heavy industry jargon, which makes it easy for the reader to follow along and truly gain an understanding of the machine and all of its different subsystems.

“We wanted to develop an educational program that was not only comprehensive in nature, but was easily understood by someone new to the industry”, says Ken Carter, MIS Manager for WARDJet. “Waterjet University gives anyone interested a broad understanding of how waterjet cutting machines work and what they are ultimately capable of.  We feel it is the most concise, coherent, and comprehensive guide offered on the web today.”

Waterjet University is freely available to anyone with an interest in waterjet cutting, and can be found at

For more information about WARDJet waterjets, please visit, e-mail or call 1-844-WARDJET.

About WARDJet: WARDJet is an industry leader in the manufacture of abrasive waterjets. Founded in 1995, WARDJet has been developing the highest quality waterjet systems, parts, and support services for over 22 years. WARDJet is one of the few waterjet companies that can say they are truly vertically integrated; their focus on in-house production and the local sourcing of materials is what gives WARDJet the ability to provide their customers with superior products and services.

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